2023 Concerts

My, my, my…. what an interesting time we had at Pine Valley Full Gospel Church!  Alan and Greg have sung a Pine Valley numerous times in the past, so we already knew that it would be a great time in the Lord.  Bad weather was predicted for the area and you always pray that it doesn’t keep the people from coming out. We were there and set up early, so we were able to sing through our entire program before the concert started. By the time the concert started, you could tell that the threat of bad weather didn’t keep people a home or damped anyone’s spirits.  After the opening congregational song and our first song, BAM! total darkness! We lost power due to the storms! It came back on just long enough to get things reset and start singing again. Then… you guessed it, total darkness again, but this time the power didn’t come back on. Paula moved over to the upright piano, and we just continued to sing the majority of our song list, in the dark, with the aid of a few cell phone lights helped. Lots of great singing from the local church folks during the intermission, then we finished out the concert. Pine Valley always goes above and beyond and has refreshments after their concerts, this time was no exception despite the darkness. Tearing down the equipment in the dark was also fun! Suffice it to say, this was the most interesting concert that many of us have ever experienced. We look forward to going back to Pine Valley again in the future.

Southern Tradition was excited to start off our 2023 Concert schedule at the First General Baptist Church of St. Charles Mo! This is the church where we first sang a couple songs early in 2022 and a full concert later in 2022. We pushed our selves to learn some new songs for this convert, since it had been only about 6 months since we last sang there.  What a great group of folks at this Church! We saw some old friends that night and made some new friends too. We are so thankful that there are still churches that have regular monthly “singings”.

2022 Concerts

The Gold Star Pavilion in Jefferson Barracks Park was the setting for Friendship Assembly’s Church Picnic. It was a full day in the park for Pastor Arlie and the Church family, as they held their morning worship service, ate lunch, played some loud crazy games and closed out the day with Southern Tradition.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the songs as they actively sang and clapped along.

This was our last scheduled concert of 2022. We look forward to the upcoming holidays and those special holiday events with our Families and Home Churches.  We also prayerfully look forward to the opportunities that God will provide Southern Tradition in 2023.  

On a Sunny but Cool fall day in New Haven Missouri, Southern Tradition was blessed to sing in the park at the New Haven Gospel Fest sponsored by New Beginnings Worship Center.  Pastor Steven Sullivan has a heart for the New Haven area as they break outside the walls of the church building to share the gospel. We are thankful that we live in a country where we are able to openly share the gospel message in such a public setting.  

Back in March of 2022 our Southern Gospel friends The Redemptions invited Southern Tradition to sing a couple songs during their concert at First General Baptist. As a result, Southern Tradition was invited back to sing a full afternoon concert to help kick off the Church’s 2022/2023 concert season.  

For many many years, Gladden Baptist has hosted Gospel Singings and that still holds true today in 2022. Greg and Alan have been fortunate enough to sing here many times in the past with other groups. We were able to sit back and enjoy listening to the local church talent during the break. Thanks to Pastor Mike, our good long time friends Stan and Jeanie McElfresh, and the whole congregation for their warm welcome and commitment to keep hosting singings!

Paula was the Music Minister, Worship Leader, and wearer of may hats in over 10 years of Ministry at The Harbor.  We were thankful to have to opportunity to come back and minister there and to see many old friends!

Concord is the home Church to Greg and Paula.  How great it was to minister to our friends! The Atrium was full of people, good BBQ, and Southern Gospel Music. Thanks to Sr Adult Pastor, Tim Richards, for the encouragement he gave as we prepared and got Southern Tradition off the ground and literally “out of the basement” and for this great opportunity.

Pastor Ron and Mt. Olive General Baptist have been amazing friends, supporters, and encouragers of local Southern Gospel groups for many years, having gone above and beyond to support them in so many ways. We are thankful for the blessing they have been over the years and that they still host Gospel Singings!

Bill’s home Church welcomed Southern Tradition for out first official full concert in April. We had a number of special friends and family in attendance that day to make it even more special.  What a great way to kick things off!

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